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100 Mug Challenge

I forgot that I had a blog and figure that I should try to use it a little more often. I have been really bad about making pottery this year. We had some a stellar year last year and after it warmed up I just couldn't get motivated to make much.

Well I decided that I needed a goal and something to work towards. Right now that thing is making 100 mugs. And nothing else until that happens. Well almost nothing... I am going to make some pints since we have a deadline for consignment and I dont want to miss out on making stuff that is requested. Make what people want to buy I say.

So far I am at 73 left to go. I had made 10 and then did a batch of 17 mugs on Sunday the 22nd. I started at noon and had them handled at 7:30. That included a few hours worth of break time. I feel like with a goal it will be easier for me to get downstairs and get some stuff made. I already have my next goal set, as soon as I have my 100 mugs done I am going to make 100 more. We are planning on firing a big wood kiln with John Thomas as Dunn County Pottery. So we need a lot of pots to fill all that space in the chamber. Im sure we will post more when that time comes in October.

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