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About Us

Andrew Violet

I have always been fascinated and driven by simple skills.  This has led me to a variety of interests, including martial arts, wood turning, leather working and more recently, pottery.  Each of these disciplines have allowed me to achieved some level of artistic freedom.  Pottery has become a passion.  The depth and complexity of glazes and forms is an endless source of learning.  Like most things, it costs money to make pottery.  My goal is to share my most beautiful pieces with you.  And in return I am allowed to continue making new pieces.  It’s a relationship between potter and customer that I am looking to build.

Cari Witcher

I grew up in a home where we used handmade pottery every day.  I attended wood firings from a young age and was mesmerized by the kilns.  I have been inspired by pottery from around the world, but mostly from my own back yard.  I am grateful to have grown up in the presence of beautiful, functional pottery.  I love working with clay and exploring the forms that can be drawn from it.  This pursuit offers the potential for a lifetime of learning and growth.  I love the feeling of anticipation that comes with each firing; opening the kiln is such a joy, each and every time.

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