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Classes are only available for vaccinated individuals at this time. 

We are opening our home studio for those who are interested in exploring pottery.  We would like to work towards developing a pottery cooperative and the best way to do that is get people involved.  We are offering private instruction and studio time for anyone interested.  We offer a relaxed atmosphere for anyone interested.  At this time we are mostly offering studio time with some private instruction if requested.  This will most likely be evenings and weekends and want to be flexible for your needs while making sure we are available.  Both of us have day jobs and potters by night.  We don't have many wheels or space to offer large classes.  We hope that's next.   


We are located right in the heart of Des Moines in Windsor Heights.  Use the contact page to find out more. 

Some things you can learn:

Basics of Clay: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building, process of glazing and firing


Types of Firing: Theory, High Firing vs Mid Firing, Reduction and Oxidation

Advanced: large forms, vases, teapots, handling, mixing glaze, photography, and selling your wares.


About our Classes

How much is it?

NOTE! Nothing can be finished in a single session!  If you want to see a piece finished through a finished product expect to a minimum of 3 sessions.  A session for learning to throw, a session for trimming, handling and finishing, and a session for waxing and glazing.     


40$ - Private Instruction Sessions (Per Person) - 2 hr session, 1 hr hands on private instruction and 1 hour of practice time.

30$ - 1 time materials fee (Per 25lbs of Clay) Stoneware or Porcelain

10$ - 1 Hour of Studio Time.  We want this time to be low cost and reasonable and as you get better and keep your work, costs will be incurred when firing your work

Kiln Firing Fees:

Bisque and Glaze firings are combined with the use of studio glazes and is charged $.05 per cubic inch for oxidation.  Reduction Firing when the gas kiln is operating is $.07 


Here is an example: A bowl measures 7 x 7 x 3 inches.  That bowl glazed, bisqued and fired will be $5.88 for that piece.    

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